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Spine - analogue adventure by VALVE

Born through the love of electronic music of all genres - Valve presents to you it's initial concept of experimental ambient analogue growlings. Unconventional in structure (and duration) - unlike any other sounds which have been presented before, Spine is a collection of work which offers the ears a soundscape of unexplored territory ranging from the purely insane, melencholic, elated and rough to the fast paced and chameleon like harmonies which represent smooth transitions from one layer of sound to another with a variety of textures.

Using only primative synthesizer equipment coupled with modern day digital sequencing and recording impliments, an alternative relaxadance come hedonistic trance environment is created for the imagination.

With a minimum of sampling technology deployed (as this is seen as something which should be the seasoning to electronic music, and not the main ingredient.) - spine is a work born only of four basic sound form types....



SAW tooth wave


....which culminate together to produce harmonies and melodies which are available for listening to here.


Track listing :

1. Stack Attack (March 2009)

2. You're Real (March 2009)

3. Doorsander (April 2010)

4. Opera Salad (May 2009)

5. Clackety Clack (June 2009)

6. Crop Dusting (July 2009)

7. Playing In Traffic (July 2009)

8. Have Spine Can Do (September 2009)


Instruments used :

Mini Moog Synthesizer

Rubberduck RD-H30+ Sequencer software

Audacity recording software


Samples used

Madam Butterfly

Merlin prop plane. Harrier Jump Jet engine

Sounds of the planets Venus and Mars.

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